Bone Grafting

Revitalize Your Jaw Bone with Expert Bone Grafting

Imagine our bodies without bones—this scaffolding provides crucial support, form, and protection to everything it surrounds. The alveolar bone, which surrounds your teeth, plays a vital role in holding them firmly in place. However, the height, shape, and density of this specialized bone can be compromised by factors such as gum disease, tooth removal, or trauma.

When bone diminishes around your teeth, it doesn’t naturally regenerate. In such cases, bone grafting becomes a valuable option. Dr. Pak can strategically place grafting materials to encourage bone regeneration. Although each situation is unique, a range of options now exists to promote effective bone repair in the jaw. For instance, after a tooth extraction, a significant void remains in the bone. While natural healing occurs, the site often experiences shrinkage, leading to bone loss. Grafting materials can be placed at the time of tooth removal to preserve the bone, proving especially beneficial if you contemplate an implant-supported replacement in the future.

Even previously collapsed areas in the jaw can often benefit from specialized grafting materials, reinforcing various parts of the jaw bone. It’s crucial to note that bone loss caused by gum disease may leave significant defects around teeth. While some of these areas may be candidates for grafting, many may experience irreversible bone loss, compromising tooth support. Prioritizing gum disease control with your Stonelake Family Dentistry team is often a more effective strategy for overall health than corrective surgical grafts.

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