Teeth Cleaning

Dealing with dental emergencies is a reality for anyone, but our patients who prioritize regular preventive care experience significantly fewer problems in the long run. Our professional teeth cleanings, conducted by registered dental hygienists, bring a proactive approach to your dental health.

Mineralized plaque deposits, commonly known as tartar, can stubbornly adhere to specific areas of your teeth despite your best efforts. These deposits create a welcoming environment for millions of harmful bacteria. Left unattended, they release toxins into the gums, often leading to severe chronic problems and, in some cases, tooth loss.

Regular visits to our practice allow us to delicately eliminate these deposits from your tooth surfaces. By preventing bacterial tartar from sitting undisturbed, we minimize the chances of irreversible damage. Our use of professional-strength polishing paste goes beyond aesthetics; it gently buffs away stains and microscopic plaque, leaving your teeth not only ultra-smooth and shiny but also less susceptible to future buildup.

As discoloration tends to settle into the enamel over time, our polishing process aids in slowing down yellowing while maintaining a glassy surface. This not only enhances the appearance of your teeth but also ensures a more effective cleansing process. Committing to these preventive measures during your periodic visits helps safeguard your smile from potential complications, allowing you to enjoy optimal oral health over the long term.

To safeguard your smile from potential complications, we encourage you to schedule your preventive care appointments at Stonelake Family Dentistry. By doing so, you take a crucial step towards enjoying optimal oral health in the long run. Contact us today to book your appointment and embark on a journey towards a healthier, brighter smile. 

Emergency Care

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