Porcelain Veneers

Revitalize Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Embark on a journey to rediscover the brilliance of your smile at Stonelake Family Dentistry. Witnessing the transformation of our patients’ smiles is a daily joy for us, and porcelain veneers play a starring role in this dental makeover. Often dubbed “instant orthodontics,” veneers have the power to dramatically enhance your smile by addressing issues like chips, stains, and deep discoloration.

The allure of veneers extends beyond mere cosmetic fixes. These thin, handcrafted porcelain wonders can not only correct imperfections but also subtly adjust the length, size, and alignment of your teeth. The surprising part? While the visual transformation is striking, the process is remarkably conservative, ensuring an esthetically pleasing smile makeover.

Step into the realm of dental art and science as veneers, like customized contact lenses, delicately bond to the outer surface of your natural teeth. Despite their paper-thin nature, these ceramic masterpieces can be tailored to replicate any desired look.

Crafting Your Dream Smile: The Art of Planning

Creating your dream smile begins with meticulous planning. Dr. Pak, along with your input, utilizes models, photographs, and digital x-rays to design a flawless blueprint for your case. This careful planning is the foundation for a successful smile transformation, considering aspects such as color, shape, and your unique preferences.

The Journey Unfolds: From Preparation to Preview

Following the thoughtful planning stage, two appointments pave the way to your stunning new smile. During the first visit, your teeth are gently prepared to make space for the ultra-thin porcelain, which is meticulously crafted by a master lab technician. Dr. Pak provides the specialized lab with all the necessary information to bring your vision to life.

Temporary acrylic restorations, mirroring the veneers, are then worn for about three weeks. This allows you to preview your evolving smile, providing valuable input on the final appearance.

Unveiling the Magic: Bonding and Beyond

The culmination of this transformative process occurs during the second appointment. Dr. Pak meticulously evaluates each veneer for fit and appearance, allowing you to preview your rejuvenated smile. Through precise bonding techniques, the thin veneers form an incredibly strong bond with your natural teeth. Minor adjustments to your bite and a final polish ensure you leave Stonelake Family Dentistry with a smile that will make you question why you waited so long for this revitalizing experience.

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