Oral Appliances

Advanced Oral Appliance Therapy at Stonelake Family Dentistry

At Stonelake Family Dentistry, our commitment is to provide the most conservative and effective treatment for various conditions. Oral appliances stand out as a simple, non-invasive solution tailored to address specific concerns. Whether the goal is to manage nighttime sleep grinding, treat diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea, address bite problems, or alleviate jaw joint disorders, Dr. Pak utilizes custom-crafted appliances designed with excellent fit and function.

Explore Our Comprehensive Oral Appliance Therapy: 

1. Custom-Crafted Precision

  • Every oral appliance prescribed by Dr. Pak is custom-crafted based on models of your teeth, ensuring an impeccable fit and optimal functionality.
  • Appliances can be designed for placement on either upper or lower teeth, or both simultaneously, depending on the specific treatment goals.

2. Versatile Treatment Applications

  • Oral appliances find applications in treating various conditions, including nighttime sleep grinding, diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea, bite problems, and jaw joint disorders.
  • Dr. Pak employs innovative designs tailored to individual treatment goals and patient preferences, providing versatile solutions for diverse needs.

3. Teeth Grinding Protection

  • Nighttime clenching or grinding poses risks to the hard surfaces of teeth, leading to wear and damage over time.
  • Dr. Pak utilizes oral appliances to protect against abrasive forces, preserving the integrity of teeth, muscles, and jaw joints.
  • Learn more about teeth grinding >

Stonelake Family Dentistry prioritizes your comfort and aims to address oral health concerns with the least invasive methods. Our oral appliance therapy, customized for each patient, reflects our commitment to providing effective and tailored solutions. Dr. Pak’s expertise ensures that you receive optimal care for your specific condition, promoting overall oral health and well-being.

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