Transform Your Smile with Implant-Supported Dentistry

Embark on a journey that brings you as close to growing new teeth as possible through the enduring choice of implant-supported dentistry. Implants expertly placed in the bone that once supported natural teeth offer strength and function akin to nature. Modern porcelains deliver a lifelike result, often leaving you blissfully unaware that they aren’t your original teeth. Whether you’re missing one tooth or several, implants provide stability and confidence, even supporting dentures for a comprehensive solution.

Crafting a customized roadmap for your return to full dental function is imperative when incorporating implants, and Dr. Pak employs the best technology available for your restorative case. Digital x-rays, 3D mapping, models, photographs, and case guides play integral roles, with Dr. Pak overseeing the entire plan as the quarterback.

Implants (Surgical) The implant placement procedure, often more manageable than anticipated, offers various sedation options tailored to your comfort level. Modern dental anesthetic ensures numbness, and the implant is carefully placed into a tiny guide hole. A sterile piece settles precisely, protected by a smooth cover during the healing period.

In some cases, a temporary or permanent crown may be inserted during surgery, allowing for immediate confidence in your smile. Multiple implant cases follow a similar process, with additional temporary options for immediate satisfaction. Normal bite forces are gradually introduced as the bone securely attaches to the implant surface over 3-6 months. Minimal discomfort is the norm, especially compared to traditional tooth removal procedures.

Implants (Restorative) Careful planning followed by implant placement establishes a robust foundation for a range of restorative options. After the healing period, custom-made crowns or bridges are attached to the implants, using small screws or dental cement. Dr. Pak ensures the best result during the final stage, emphasizing the importance of customization from initial planning to placement.

One of Healthcare’s Greatest Values Despite the myriad benefits, the cost of dental implant procedures is a crucial consideration. With cutting-edge imaging, advanced training, and unique material technologies, dental implants offer exceptional value in modern healthcare. Dr. Pak customizes treatment planning after meticulous evaluation, considering the unique factors of each patient’s case.

Rest assured, you’ll receive the highest value in modern implant dentistry, providing years of natural function, bite stability, and a confident smile. We eagerly anticipate discussing how we can collaborate to create the best solution tailored to your needs!

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