Revitalize Your Smile with Thoughtful Onlays

Preserving a broken tooth calls for a conservative philosophy, and with modern dental materials, rebuilding teeth to full strength has become less invasive than ever before. In the face of significant damage caused by cavities, intense bite forces, trauma, or regular wear and tear, the risk of tooth loss becomes a real concern if left untreated.

While dental crowns may be necessary for more extensive damage, onlays offer an elegant solution for smaller fractures. Unlike crowns, onlays require minimal tooth preparation, allowing the unbroken portions of a tooth to remain untouched. These custom porcelain marvels, akin to partial crowns, delicately bond to the damaged area, seamlessly blending with the natural enamel.

The beauty of onlays lies in their ability to harmonize both function and appearance. When opting for the most conservative approach aligns with your treatment plan, Dr. Pak may recommend an onlay for a restoration that is both discreet and effective. Embrace the finesse of onlays and witness your smile undergo a thoughtful and revitalizing transformation.

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