Oral Surgery

Navigate Oral Surgery with Compassion and Expertise

In the pursuit of preserving or enhancing long-term health, minor surgical procedures involving the teeth, gums, and jaw bone may become necessary. While our overarching philosophy is centered on the preservation of teeth, each unique situation warrants thorough consideration of all factors. When our collaborative discussions lead to a surgical correction, Dr. Pak undertakes every measure to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the process.

The necessity for tooth removal may arise when a tooth is irreparably damaged or when financial limitations influence the decision. Regardless of the circumstance, we diligently work to find a solution that aligns with every aspect of your situation. Dr. Pak employs cutting-edge methods and equipment to facilitate a swift and painless visit. Additionally, sedation options offer a spectrum of anxiety-reduction protocols that you may choose to consider for added comfort.

Other minor procedures, such as biopsies of suspicious tissue, reshaping of gum defects, or removal of obtrusive bone, are approached with the same compassionate philosophy. Dr. Pak collaboratively determines the optimal approach for your care. In certain instances, a referral to a trusted specialist may be recommended. If he believes that your needs would be best served by a colleague with specialized training, Dr. Pak will not hesitate to leverage the finest resources for your comprehensive care.

Emergency Care

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