Intra-Oral Camera

Discover the Details with Intra-Oral Imaging

Step into a clearer understanding of your oral health through the lens of our Intra-Oral Camera. This advanced imaging tool provides you with a detailed view of your mouth, transforming words into vivid visuals.

Unlike traditional mouth mirrors, the Intra-Oral Camera transfers specific conditions in your mouth to a computer screen, offering unparalleled clarity. Utilizing specialized hand-held wands, we swiftly capture the intricate details of your teeth and gums. Even minute cracks, often precursors to broken teeth, come to life with just a simple click.

The added advantage? Dental insurance benefits frequently find a smoother path with the visual proof provided by the captured images in our records. See your oral health with enhanced precision through the lens of our Intra-Oral Camera.

Emergency Care

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