Navigate Tooth Extractions with Compassionate Care

Despite your diligent efforts, circumstances may arise that necessitate tooth removal for the sake of your overall health. When all other possibilities have been explored, and the decision for extraction is made, your well-being takes precedence in every step of the process. Understanding that oral surgery can be an apprehensive experience for some, we offer sedation options to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Rest assured, every effort is made to make even minor surgical interventions as comfortable as possible.

Teeth may present varying levels of difficulty during extraction, but the Stonelake Family Dentistry team takes pride in utilizing modern anesthetics to ensure that every patient is adequately numbed at the outset of the procedure. Once anesthesia takes effect, meticulous steps are taken using specialized instruments to gently lift the tooth from its place. Detailed post-procedure care instructions, along with prescriptions for any necessary medications during the healing period, are provided to support your recovery.

While we address the immediate management of your care, it’s also crucial to discuss your long-term plans for replacing missing teeth. While leaving a space is an option, it’s important to consider the potential appearance and functional challenges associated with gaps in your smile. Teeth may gradually shift or migrate into open spaces, and mitigating the instability of an unbalanced bite can prevent complications in the future.

While our primary focus is on preserving the health and functionality of your teeth, we are here to guide you through extractions when necessary. Fortunately, your mouth can be restored to health after tooth removal. Understanding the significance of teeth in nourishing our bodies and boosting our confidence, we will collaborate with you to formulate a game plan that aligns with both your short-term and long-term goals.

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