Full or Partial Dentures

Revitalize Your Smile with Custom Dentures

Dentures provide an affordable and time-tested solution for replacing missing teeth, earning their place among the options to restore your smile.

Understanding Dentures: Affordable and Customized
Dentures, removable substitutes for missing teeth, come in two main types – full and partial. Full dentures prove invaluable when all natural teeth are missing, while partial dentures replace individual missing teeth, eliminating gaps and enhancing chewing efficiency. Dr. Pak tailors denture treatment to each patient, helping you choose the option that aligns best with your needs.

Full Dentures: Conventional and Implant-Supported
In cases where dental conditions become challenging, necessitating the removal of remaining teeth, full dentures offer an economical and efficient solution to restore function and aesthetics. These complete dentures feature a thin acrylic base matching your gum color, with porcelain or acrylic replacement teeth creating a natural appearance. Dr. Pak, understanding the uniqueness of your smile, assists in selecting teeth that seamlessly blend for a customized look.

While traditional dentures have a successful history, modern technology introduces enhanced options for better fit and aesthetics. Dental implants can secure dentures more firmly to the jaw, providing greater retention, a natural look, and extended durability. Dr. Pak explores these options, discussing how they can improve your denture-wearing experience.

Partial Dentures: A Solution for Gaps
For those missing one or more teeth, partial dentures offer an economical solution to restore chewing ability and boost confidence in smiling. Most partial dentures include a thin metal framework that sits close to your gums, providing a reliable, secure, and non-bulky appliance. Natural-looking replacement teeth attach to the frame, and gum-colored acrylic blends seamlessly with your mouth. Dr. Pak collaborates with skilled technicians to ensure a comfortable and aesthetic solution.

Advancements in technology allow implants to support removable partial dentures, improving fit and reducing appliance size. Recognizing that dentures may present challenges, especially for new wearers, our goal is to minimize everyday frustrations to the lowest possible level.

We eagerly anticipate discussing your options to restore your smile, offering personalized solutions to make your mouth full again and give you the confidence of a glowing smile!

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